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NAA’s Inflation Tracker: Cutting Through the Noise

Prices for all types of goods and services are on the rise after a year of business shutdowns, capacity limitations, COVID-19 restrictions, and a brutal recession.  How will it affect the industry and how much sleep should you be losing over it?  If you want to learn more about this important measure of any economy, join NAA’s AVP of Research & Analysis, Paula Munger, as she discusses price trends, their impact on the economy and the industry, and what we can expect during the second half of another very strange year. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Interpret CPI and other measures of inflation.
  • Understand the relationship among inflation, wages, and the labor market.
  • Examine current inflationary trends and forecasts, and why they could matter to apartments.


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About the Host

Paula Munger, Assistant Vice President, Research and Analysis, National Apartment Association (NAA)

Paula Munger is responsible for leading research efforts on topics of importance to the industry.  She gathers, analyzes, and synthesizes data and information to arrive at the most meaningful and relevant insights.  Munger’s research aids NAA members in their business initiatives, as well as NAA advocacy and public relations efforts.  Her background includes positions at the Federal Reserve System, Cushman & Wakefield, and the University of New Orleans Real Estate Center.  Munger is a member of the National Association for Business Economics and The Counselors of Real Estate®.