RPM Careers Week

RPM career Week


RPM Careers Week may be over this year, but we're still celebrating the amazing people in the residential property management industry. Take a look at the 2024 Winners, find out more about the industry and go follow us on social media. 

We look forward to celebrating you and your team, April 14 - 18, 2025!

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Challenges and Prizes


RPM Careers Week 2024 Winners

Why I Love My RPM Careers Monday

Winner: Dana Rosario

"Every day, I have the privilege of assisting people in making one of the most significant decisions of their lives... [it] fills my heart with immense satisfaction. It's these moments that remind me why I do what I do, because it's more than just a job; it's a calling." -- Dana Rosario, Regional Manager, NM Residential

rpm careers week monday winner, dania rosario
winner tuesday trevor fillatrault

Maintenance/Service Professionals Tuesday

Nominator: Amy Cyr
Winner: Trevor Filiatrault

"Trevor's dedication and commitment to excellence have truly set a standard for us all. Trevor's remarkable selflessness stand as a testament to the spirit of community and service that defines Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes." -- Amy Cyr, Human Resources Coordinator, WinnCompanies

Apartment Onsite Teams Day Wednesday

Nominator: Jody Headley
Winner: Summit Ridge Apartments

"These individuals are the definition of work hard/play hard. Each morning starts with a team meeting that is productive, but also includes a lot of laughter...Everyone on the team is a ground's keeper and we are all make the community's curb appeal a top priority each day... It's often that this team meets and exceeds their set objectives and is rewarded for their outstanding performance!" -- Jody Headley, Property Manager, The Summit Ridge Apartments

thursday winners: hans fideau and team

Super Supplier Collaborator Thursday

Nominator: Doris Granger
Winner: Hans Fideau and Team - Celebration Hardware Company

"Hans is an exceptional collaborator who goes above and beyond for our team at Emerson at Celebration. He provides excellent customer service, remembers our orders, and quickly offers the best solutions. We would like to express our gratitude to Hans for making our job easier and for being a dependable partner to us." -- Doris Granger, Community Manager, Emmerson at Celebration

Leadership/Support Services Friday

Nominator: Shandasha Nixon
Winner: Lethra Holmes

"Always willing to teach and nurture talents, Lethra is the driving force behind our team's growth. She encourages certifications and maintains remarkable organization, ensuring every member reaches their full potential. Her willingness to go above and beyond for our residents truly sets her apart." -- Shandasha Nixon, Senior Property Manager, 1111 Light Street Apartments

friday winner: lethra holmes

Challenges & Prizes 


Why I Love My RPM Career MONDAY

Take a selfie or create a video at your property that shows how much you love your RPM Career. Tell us about how you came to the residential property management industry and why it works for you. Submit your content (photo/video and caption) below. 

Prize: Up to 6 CECs on Visto + $50 Gift Card

Maintenance/Service Professionals TUESDAY

Take a photo or make a video of your favorite maintenance/service professionals in action on the job. Submit your content (photo/video) with a caption why they’re a valuable member of your team. 

Prize: $25 Gift Card for nominator, $200 Gift Card for nominee

Apartment Onsite Teams Day WEDNESDAY

Sponsored by:

chadwell supply logo

Take a photo or create a video of your onsite team being awesome on the job. Write a 250-character caption about your team and what they mean to you and your property. Submit your content (photo/video and caption) below. 

Prize: $350 Gift Card for Team Activity

Super Supplier Collaborator THURSDAY

Sponsored by:

nsc logo

Take a photo or create a video of your favorite supplier collaborator (point of contact/individual). Tell us about how they help your property, whether that’s making your onsite team’s day easier, interacting with residents and staff with a positive disposition or how they’re just invaluable to your operation. Submit your content (photo/video and caption) below. 

Prize: $25 Gift Card for nominator, $200 Gift Card for nominee

Leadership/Support Services FRIDAY

Take a photo or create a video about your leadership/support services team or professional and why they make your company awesome. In a caption, let us know how they nurture your talents, build up their team and how they serve the staff and the community in the best way possible. Submit your content (photo/video and caption) below. 

Prize: Up to $200 off CAPS or CAM or $200 worth of CECs on Visto

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