RPM Unplugged: Employee Stories

Make a Real People Move with RPM Careers

The RPM Industry is Growing

The RPM industry is booming! See why a career in RPM has amazing job security, flexible job locations, and unwavering industry demand.

Why Apply for an RPM Career?

Looking for a career in a growing field? Want to help people for a living and enjoy great job benefits? Discover how residential property management (RPM) gives you all that and more.

A Meaningful Career

Working in residential property management (RPM) means you’re an important part of people’s lives and homes. Learn how work in RPM will position you to make a positive impact on your community.

Transitioning to a New Career

Looking for better career growth opportunities, work-life balance, or benefits? Learn more about these and other advantages of residential property management (RPM) from other career changers.

Career Growth and Opportunity

Industry experts and employees explain why the residential property management (RPM) industry is growing so much — and what that means for career growth, job security, and more.

Career Options

RPM Career Options: Property Manager

As a property manager, you play an important role as one of the most visible figures in your community. Learn how property managers skillfully deploy staff and resources to make apartment communities a place their residents are proud to call home.

RPM Career Options: Leasing Consultant

For people with customer service experience, working as a leasing consultant is a great entry point to residential property management (RPM). Discover what makes a great leasing consultant and why the job is so rewarding.

RPM Career Options: Maintenance Professional

Love helping people and working with a team? Employers provide on-the-job training for maintenance skills and hire applicants who have a positive attitude. Learn more about whether this is the perfect career for you.

RPM Career Options: Supplier

Love building connections and partnerships? Hear what it takes to supply goods and services to the RPM industry, and learn why one supplier describes it as “the most rewarding job I’ve ever held.”

A Day in the Life of a...

A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Technician

Residential community maintenance: an exciting and rewarding career. Follow along with Freddy to get an insider’s view.

A Day in the Life of a Leasing Consultant

Residential property leasing and management: a fulfilling career. Follow along with Zack to get an insider's view.

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