Certified Apartment Supplier

Credential Program Synopsis

Earning CAS allows you to network with your peers from other companies, learn about the benefits and activities your local apartment association offers and engage in apartment association meetings and events. The course is an opportunity for suppliers to hear the everyday challenges faced by apartment-manager customers.

CAS Program Review and Update

In June 2022, NAAEI evaluated its portfolio of credential programs and identified the Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) program as one to review for relevancy to the supplier audience, with regard to its impact in the industry. Starting in early 2023, NAAEI worked with stakeholders to review this program and identify the training needs of the supplier community. Part of this review included a training needs survey that was sent to suppliers in May 2023. Based on this review and continued stakeholder involvement, NAAEI will launch a new supplier-focused educational program in 2024.  

As a culmination of this review, on November 15, the NAAEI Board of Directors voted to sunset the current CAS program in the following way:  

  • Individuals earning the credential prior to July 1, 2024, can continue to use the CAS designation.  

  • Renewals for the CAS program will continue with the same requirements, allowing the earner to maintain an Active status. 

  • New applications for the program will be accepted until April 1, 2024. No new applications will be accepted after this date.  

  • Examinations will no longer be delivered after July 1, 2024.  

The NAAEI Board of Directors also voted for NAAEI to make a commitment to explore educational offerings to our supplier members by third quarter 2024 with the appropriate stakeholders. 

Any questions on the program and the changes outlined above can be directed to NAAEI at [email protected].

Effective April 1, 2024, the CAS program has been sunset. No new applications are being accepted for the program. 


Q: I have my CAS but am not sure if I am up to date on my renewal.  How can I find out?  

A: To check your renewal status, you may log in to your NAA account, select My Education Institute and then Renew My Credential. If you are unable to see this information, please contact the Client Solutions Center at 833.866.9622 for further assistance.  

Q: I am enrolled in the CAS program and have not completed my exam. What are my options?

A: The CAS Exam will be offered until July 1, 2024. You can log in to your My NAA Account, select My Education Institute and schedule your exam. 

Q: Do I need to continue to renew my CAS?  

A: Yes, renewal requirements are still in place for the CAS – a minimum of 5 CECs and the $100 renewal fee are required annually. To renew your CAS, log in to your NAA account, select My Education Institute and then Renew My Credential. If you are unable to see this information, please contact the Client Solutions Center at 833.866.9622 for further assistance. 

Q: Will I still be listed on the NAAEI Credential Directory after the program is sunset?  

A: Yes, CAS earners will remain on the NAAEI Credential Directory following the transition. Once the new public directory is live in mid-2024, the directory will also reflect your status of Active/Inactive based on your current renewal standing.  

Q: I’m a CAS Emeritus, how does this impact me?  

A: There is no impact; you may continue to use the CAS designation with the applicable renewal fees.  

Q: I want to withdraw my enrollment in the CAS program. How do I do that? 

A: Submit your request to Veronica Johnson at [email protected].  

Q: I’ve purchased the CAS program on Visto and would like to complete the program. What are my options? 

A: You can access the course on Visto at any time. The course and exam must be completed by July 1, 2024.  

Q: I would like to take the program, but my affiliate is not offering it. What options do I have? 

A: NAAEI offers the CAS program online using Visto. Purchase the course and then enroll in the CAS program by logging in to your NAA account, selecting My Education Institute and then Credential Enrollment.  


To obtain the CAS credential, candidates must complete the following:

  • Complete the Supplier Success Course
  • Employment within the apartment industry in a supplier position
  • Successful completion of all CAS coursework (totaling 26 hours)
  • Pass the CAS exam within six (6) months of declaring candidacy

About the CAS Exam

Don't Forget to Claim Your Digital Badge!

Once you have earned the CAS credential, you will receive an email from [email protected] with an invitation to claim your Digital Badge, which allows you to market yourself as an apartment professional with valuable skills.

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Renewing your CAS Credential

The CAS credential requires annual renewal based on the anniversary date of completion. Submission of both annual CAS dues of $100 and documentation of five hours of continuing education credits should be submitted to complete the annual CAS renewal.

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For more information about the Certified Apartment Supplier program, contact NAAEI at 703-518-6141 or your state or local affiliate.