NAA Leadership Track

Industry Leadership Development Opportunities Through NAA

Investing in your career and talent is inspiring, uplifting, and beneficial not only for yourself but also for others striving to achieve their goals and contribute to a thriving industry. That’s why the National Apartment Association (NAA) has created two, year-long training opportunities to support marginalized groups, foster professional growth and give back to the emerging leaders and volunteer leaders of our industry through the NAA Diversity Leadership Program and NAA Leadership Lyceum. This year both applications are open to all active NAA members. We’re looking for applicants from all levels of our industry, so find out which program is right for you and complete an application for yourself or nominate others.  

All selected applicants will get the chance to network at NAA’s largest rental housing conference, Apartmentalize, June 19-21, 2024, and receive 8 Continuing Education Credits (CECs). All applications are due Friday, November 17.  

Still have questions? Please contact James Swart for more information on these programs, how to nominate candidates or how to become a Mentor for the Class of 2024. 

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DLP is a hybrid leadership development opportunity which offers up to 15 individuals from underrepresented groups in rental housing training, personalized assessments, and customized mentoring.

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Leadership Lyceum gives up to 34 individuals the opportunity to develop as a volunteer leader. This collaborative, in-person, year-long program brings you face-to-face with various professionals across the country to exchange knowledge and experiences. Find out if you meet the criteria for one of our registration fellowships.