Watch Now: The Power of Giving Back

NAA has launched a new video showing the rental housing industry’s power of fostering community and giving back.

1 minute read

To highlight the good – and often silent – charitable work of the rental housing industry, the National Apartment Association (NAA) has launched a new video detailing The Power of Giving Back. The powerful video details the myriad reasons why and ways in which rental housing providers give back to their residents and communities throughout the year.

From food banks, to homeless shelters, to crisis services, the industry’s charitable causes are vast and contributions ripples far beyond an apartment building’s walls. Though often mischaracterized, housing providers have an actual stake in their local communities and strive to make them stronger which ultimately leads to many acts of service becoming engrained in the industry’s day-to-day. 

Giving back is a cornerstone of an industry built on people, not buildings.

If you know a housing provider that contributes, in any way, to a great cause, share that with NAA by contacting NAA’s Director of Public Affairs Nicole Ryan.