Candidate Resources

NAAEI Program Candidates

Use this page to find your reference materials like Skill Checks and Course Handouts.

To create an NAA account and enroll in a credential program, follow these steps.

In addition to these materials, be sure to download the Candidate Handbook that contains important information for NAAEI program candidates. If you'd like to provide feedback, use this Credential Feedback Form to provide comments to NAAEI on any of the credential programs.

If you require special accommodations to take your exam, submit a Request for Accommodation Form at least 30 days prior to your test date.

To request an extension for an expiring candidacy, please complete the Candidacy Extension form and submit to [email protected].

Provisional Candidates Only: Use this Employment Verification Form to verify and complete the industry experience requirement for your credential.

Credential Exam

To schedule your credential exam via live online proctoring (LOP): use these instructions.

To schedule your credential exam at an affiliate testing location: use these instructions.

To schedule your credential exam at a Scantron testing center location: use these instructions.

To begin taking your exam via live online proctoring (LOP): use these instructions.

Retake Fees for exams are as follows:

  • CAM and CAPS - $100
  • CALP, CAS, IROP - $60
  • CAMT - $55
  • Micro-credentials - $50

Scantron Platform Demo

This Scantron platform demo can serve as a valuable tool for exam preparation. Please remember—this test is not a learning tool! Learning practice tests are located below under each credential heading. This demo is intended only to familiarize you with the Scantron testing environment. Use this Scantron demo to practice advancing through test questions, marking them for further review, returning to the marked questions and submitting your exam when you are satisfied with your answers.

The questions on the demo are compiled from various programs that NAAEI offers. Try to not pay attention to the question content. Exception: For CAPS applicants a set of questions with an attachment is included so you can practice using the attachment when answering the test questions.

Digital Badge

To insert your digital badge into your email signature, please click on either Outlook or Gmail to receive instructions. Certificate and wallet cards are available to print from the BadgeCert site.


CAMT Reference Materials

The CAMT Candidate Handbook is available for CAMT candidates.

CAMT Exam Prep


CALP Exam Prep


CAM Reference Materials

CAM Exam Prep


CAPS Reference Materials


CAS Exam Prep

NAAEI Credential Program Extension Policy

Credential Candidates who will not complete the course requirements by their candidacy deadline can apply for an extension by completing and submitting the NAAEI Extension Form to e[email protected]. All extension applications will be verified by either the local apartment association or the course administrator. NAAEI staff will contact candidates regarding the status of an extension. Payment of the extension fee will be arranged after the extension is approved.

Credential Candidacy Extension Form