Leadership’s Role in Promoting Workplace Inclusivity 

The negative emotions associated with being excluded in social settings can be difficult to resolve, but workplace exclusion can breed unforeseen consequences for your company. This makes inclusion an imperative initiative for a healthy work environment, especially for leadership. Join Ebony Butler as we discuss ways to promote inclusion at work, cultivate a sense of belonging for all and demonstrate leadership’s pivotal role and important behaviors to follow to create safe and encouraging spaces for team members.   

Learn more about:  

  • Recognizing exclusion at work 

  • Exploring behaviors to create inclusion 

  • Applying inclusive behaviors to drive performance  

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 12 at 2 p.m. ET  

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About the Host

ebony butler

Ebony Butler  

Ebony Butler, as the current Director of Diversity, Learning & Development (L&D) for BGSF, brings 18 years of learning & development and 7 years of diversity, equity & inclusion expertise to her current role. Drawing from her lived personal and professional experiences, she is dedicated to the cultivation of safe spaces that allow authenticity, drive creativity, promote trust and deliver quality performance throughout an organization. Ebony also serves as an adjunct professor for one of the original Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), Paul Quinn College, where she challenges students to approach business from an equitable and inclusive mindset.