Creating a Standard: Supporting a Multigenerational Workforce 

Individuals from different generations often have mutually beneficial perspectives on work and the world. However, these benefits can be impeded by unconscious biases toward members of other age groups that may negatively complicate workplace environments and reduce overall productivity and morale. Join Lorri Oliver and Jesse Miller as we learn how to create a standard for and enhance your company’s unified and inclusive company culture by confronting ageism and building bridges amongst every generation in your workplace.   

Gain key insights on: 

  • Your generational unconscious biases  

  • Creating a multigenerational nexus  

  • Strategies for policy implementation  

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About the Hosts

lorri oliver


Lorri (Oliver) Goldmann, Ed.D.   

Lorri Oliver, VP of Diversity & Inclusion for Avenue5 Residential, leads and ensures the company’s policies, practices and systems promote equity by allowing staff to reach their full potential. Through strategic planning, crafting comprehensive training programs, conducting research and analyzing ROI, she continues to assist teams with issues related to diversity & inclusion education and program implementation. Lorri brings 24 years of experience in property management to the table, and currently serves on NAA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Strategic Planning Subcommittee and NMHC’s DE&I initiatives for Avenue5. She received her BA from Chapman University, an MBA from Brandman University and her Ed.D. from UMass Global.  

jessie miller


Jesse Miller, MBA, CPM, CAPS   

Jesse Miller, Managing Director for Kokua Realty, LLC, is an award-winning real estate executive with more than 15 years of industry experience in asset management, program development, planning and administration. He oversees company operations affecting acquisitions, operations and investment at Kokua. Committed to continued education, Jesse has lectured at multiple conferences, industry associations and academic institutions–globally. As an assistant academic director at Portland State University, he held a key role in launching the Center for Real Estate's Property Management Program. Jesse’s vast education includes a B.S.B.A. from University of Nevada-Las Vegas and an MBA from City University of Seattle.