Unmasking Microaggressions   

Snap judgments are easy to make, like categorizing individuals based on gender stereotypes, socio-economic status, educational level and other characteristics. These unconscious categorizations can be microaggressions. Defined by Oxford Languages as indirect, subtle or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group, microaggressions may negatively impact your interactions with clients, co-workers and community members within the rental housing industry. Together, we will have a meaningful and focused dialogue about identifying microaggressions, practical mitigation strategies and coping techniques for those people on the receiving end to create awareness in our day-to-day lives. 

Learn more about:   

  • The vocabulary of productive dialogue, appropriate self-disclosure and unconscious bias awareness   

  • Strategies to respond to microaggressions and how to discontinue covert forms of discrimination  

  • Boosting organizational practices to create inclusive company cultures 

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About the Host

ryan warner

Dr. Ryan Warner, Ph.D, CRC  

Dr. Ryan Warner, founder and CEO of RC Warner Consulting, LLC, is a licensed psychologist, researcher, speaker and consultant, specializing in assisting teams with creating inclusive cultures that maximize growth potential. Using an individualized, tailored approach, Warner improves leadership, diversity and wellness policies and procedures to improve company cultures. As a true academic, he received a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Marquette University and shares his knowledge of microaggressions, anti-racism, psychological resilience and unconscious bias during speaking engagements, trainings and in peer review journals to accelerate meaningful change within organizations of all sizes.