Frequently Used Acronyms

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AACC   American Association of Community Colleges
  AAF  Affiliate Assistance Fund  
  AE  Association Executive  
  AEC Association Executives Council    
  AED  Automated External Defibrillators  
  AEX Affiliate Exchange 
  AHI affordable housing industry   
  AIA  American Institute of Architects  
  AIME Apartment Institute for Maintenance Excellence
  AIMS  Apartment Industry Mobilization Service  
  AIT Advanced Instructor Training  
  ALN ALN Apartment Data, Inc.
  AMO Accredited Management Organization
  AMS association management system  
  ANSI American National Standards Institute
  AOD Assembly of Delegates 
  ARM Accredited Residential Manager 
  ASAE  American Society of Association Executives  
  ASHA American Seniors Housing Association   
BGF  Better Government Fund 
  BOMA Building Owners & Managers Association
CAE  Certified Association Executive  
  CAM Certified Apartment Manager
  CAMP Centralized Affiliate Management Platform  
  CAMT Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technician
  CAPS Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor
  CAS Certified Apartment Supplier
  CCIM  Certified Commercial Investment Member  
  CDBG Community Development Block Grant
  CDPM  Certified Defense Privatization Manager  
  CEC Continuing Education Credit
  CGPM Credential for Green Property Management
  CPD Community Planning and Development
  CPM Certified Property Manager 
  CPO Certified Pool & Spa Operator
  CPS Certified Portfolio Specialist   
  CREC  Congressional Real Estate Caucus  
  CSG  Council of State Governments  
  CTE Career and Technical Education  
DEd  US Department of Education  
  DHS  Department of Homeland Security  
  DOJ  US Department of Justice  
  DOL US Department of Labor  
EAB  Education Advisory Board  
  EIN   Employee Identification Number  
  EPA  Environmental Protection Agency
  EPAC End Prior Approval Coalition  
FASB   Financial Accounting Standards Board    
  FEMA  Federal Emergency Management Agency  
  FHAP Fair Housing Assistance Program
  FHEO Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
  FMR Fair Market Rents  
  FOF Fund Our Future (formally Fair Share Policy)  
GAD Government Affairs Director (at the affiliate level)  
  GICS global industry classification standard  
  GJSD  Groundhog Job Shadow Day    
  GPR gross potential rent  
HCCP Housing Credit Certified Professional
  HCV Housing Choice Voucher
  HERA Housing Education and Research Association  
  HOME Home Investment Partnerships (CPD program)
  HUD U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
IBC  International Building Code  
  ICC  International Code Council
  ICMA International City/County Management Association  
  ICSC International Council of Shopping Centers   
  IES Income & Expenses Survey
  IMF  Industry Mobilization Fund  
  IREM Institute of Real Estate Management
  IRHS Institute for Rental Housing Studies
  IRO Independent Rental Owner
  IROC  Independent Rental Owners Committee  
  IROP Independent Rental Owner Professional
  ISAC Real Estate Information Sharing & Analysis Center  
JAG Job’s for Americas Graduates  
LEED  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  
  LIHTC Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
  LTS Legislative Tracking System  
M&O  Maintenance & Operations  
  MFBP Multi Family Book Project  
  MHI  Manufactured Housing Institute
  MHLI  Military Housing and Lodging Institute
  MITS Multifamily Information and Transactions Standards  
  MoC Member of Congress  
  MyCAA Military Spouse Career Advancement Account
NAA  National Apartment Association
  NAAEI National Apartment Association Education Institute
  NAAPAC National Apartment Association Political Action Committee
  NABPAC National Association of Business Political Action Committees 
  NAHB  National Association of Home Builders  
  NAHMA National Affordable Housing Management Association
  NAIOP National Association of Industrial & Office Properties
  NALP National Apartment Leasing Professional
  NAR  National Association of Realtors  
  NAREIT National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
  NAV net asset value  
  NCSBCO  National Council for State Building Code Officials  
  NCSL  National Conference of State Legislatures  
  NFHA National Fair Housing Alliance
  NFPA  National Fire Protection Association  
  NGBS  National Green Building Standard  
  NGO   Non-Governmental Organization    
  NIMBY  Not In My Back Yard  
  NLC  National League of Cities
  NLHA National Leased Housing Association
  NMHC National Multifamily Housing Council
  NOI  net operating income  
  NREO  National Real Estate Organization  
  NSC National Suppliers Council
  NSPF National Swimming Pool Foundation
PAC Political Action Committee  
  PAC   Public Affairs Council  
  PHA Public Housing Authority
  PHMA  Professional Housing Management Association  
  PPC  Preferred Provider Contract  
  PSC Public Service Commission  
RAA  Real Access Alliance  
  RAD Rental Assistance Demonstration
  RAM  Registered in Apartment Management  
  RCA Real Capital Analytics 
  REAGS  Real Estate Advocacy Group for States  
  REIT real-estate investment trust  
  RFP  request for proposal  
  ROE Return on Energy
  RPM Residential Property Management
  RUBS Ratio Utility Billing Service  
SaaS software as a service  
  SEER  Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio  
  SGAC  State Government Affairs Council
  SHC Student Housing Conference 
  SHCM Specialist in Housing Credit Management
  SME subject matter expert  
TSP Telecommunications Service Providers    
UBI   Unrelated Business Income  
  UBIT  Unrelated Business Income Tax  
  UBT  Uniform Business Tax  
  UDB  Urban Development Boundary  
  ULI  Urban Land Institute 
  USCOM  U.S. Council of Mayors 
  USGBC U.S. Green Building Council
VASH Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing
WDev  Workforce Development  
  WIB Workforce Investment Board

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