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Policy Issues

NAA and its affiliates serve as the leading voice for the apartment industry. We work together to ensure that public policies do not impede apartment owners and operators’ ability to do business and protect the industry at large. 

Rent Control
Rent Control

Rent regulation policies are government-enforced price control measures that decrease rental housing supply and discourage construction of new rental housing. 

Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S. and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a critical tool for the rental industry to mitigate some of the financial risk posed by them.

Emotional Support Animals
Emotional Support Animals

Reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals—including emotional support animals—are becoming more numerous nationwide. With that rise, come concerns for owners and operators. 

NAA is committed to making sure you understand the numerous policy initiatives affecting you and your business. We are happy to provide ready-made issue research and policy analysis below to help affiliates advise local policymakers.

The 2018 NAA/NMHC policy priorities document provides the framework for the apartment industry's key federal legislative and regulatory issues. They cover a wide range of topics that can impact our members' businesses and the industry at large, positively or negatively.

Download the Apartment Industry’s Federal Priorities

The Issues Affecting You

We are currently in the process of revamping and optimizing the “Government Affairs” section of the NAA website. It is our hope that once we roll out this new and improved section, that it will be even more intuitive, include more comprehensive resources to help you make an impact for the Apartment Industry, and better show you all of the ways that we are doing the same. If you do not see a resource of interest, or an issue previously covered by this section, please reach out to our Director of Public Policy, Nicole Upano via email.