Criminal Screening of Residents: Policy Issue


A criminal background check is one, yet important part, of the overall resident screening process. Criminal record screening is an essential function which helps owners and operators mitigate risk and ensure the safety and security of residents and community staff. Citing research that ex-offenders who do not find stable housing in their community are more likely to recidivate, federal, state and local policymakers are enacting measures that prevent providers from evaluating an individual's pending charges and criminal convictions. 

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NAA Position

NAA opposes all efforts to prohibit apartment owners and operators from evaluating a prospective resident's criminal history as part of the overall screening process.

As an Owner or Operator, How Does this Affect My Business?

Proposals that restrict a housing provider's ability to conduct criminal background checks inhibit their ability to ensure a safe, secure environment for their residents and employees. Given that providers lack clear guidance on how to stay compliant with the law, these restrictions also leave owners and operators vulnerable to potential legal liability.

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