Three Ways to Prep for the Holiday Package Rush

December 17, 2019 |

Updated August 4, 2021

4 minute read

The packages are coming, if they haven’t arrived already. Here is what you need to do to get ready.

The holiday season is here, and property management teams are scrambling to handle the craziness that accompanies it. From the countless resident festivities to the influx of holiday packages being delivered to the community, property managers have enough on their plate. For those looking to eliminate unnecessary stress on their onsite teams, tackling the holiday package mayhem is a simple yet effective step. Here are three things property management teams can do to prepare for the package rush.

Perfect the Basics

Not every community has the financial means or space available to provide some of the more innovative solutions for the holiday package craze. However, every community can perfect the basics to boost package organization and distribution throughout the season, as well as year-round. To do this, the office needs to have a designated secured area reserved just for accepting and organizing packages. This space will need shelves with labels in numerical order so incoming packages can be placed into the corresponding number that matches the resident’s apartment home. Staff will need to maintain detailed package logs that can packages as they come in and out of the office. Logs should be updated with things such as the date, apartment number and the resident’s name. Once the resident picks up their package, office staff should ask residents to sign the log to keep records of what has been picked up and what hasn’t. It’s a time of year that can become very hectic for many individuals so it’s crucial to send residents text or email reminders whenever one of their packages arrives. These messages can alert them that they have 48 hours to receive their item from the office to ensure that residents are picking up packages in a timely fashion. If given explicit approval from the resident, office staff can also deliver the package directly to their doorstep to help alleviate the flow of packages coming in and out of the office.

Maintain Strong Communication

Year-round, consistent communication with residents is essential for a successful community. However, strong communication is even more crucial during the holiday season. Property management firms such as P.B. Bell create and schedule regular email and text blasts to remind residents of everyday activities and reminders. During this time of the year, it’s crucial that property managers make sure that they remind residents of the basic details regarding the community. These reminders can include details on office hours, where packages get delivered, what items can be accepted in the office, how to properly enter in your apartment address when shipping items and more. This consistent communication benefits both residents and property managers alike, enabling the community to remain up-to-date, informed and organized.

Package Services

For ultimate organization during this busy holiday season, package services offer a great alternative for communities looking to add another level of safety and convenience for their residents. Package services, including lockers, provide an ideal solution for communities looking to completely eliminate responsibility and liability for the property management team. They also provide property managers with an effective tool to remain better organized, as well as a more efficient way to sort and distribute packages throughout the community. With this amenity, residents are given more flexibility by having the convenience of being able to get packages at any time during the day, instead of being limited to regular office hours. The apps available for these services will notify residents whenever a delivery arrives, and even allow for residents to choose a delivery time in some cases. All of this helps to reduce human error during the delivery process. On top of that, the package service companies will also handle any situations that might arise due to package deliveries, taking stress away from the onsite property management team. This amenity is greatly appreciated by current residents, and it can be appealing to prospective residents searching for their next place to call home.

During this holiday season, property managers need to be prepared for the package mayhem. Finding the right solution that is both reasonable and cost-effective for your community is key in providing the best alternative for your residents. Whether you are considering adding package lockers within your community or simply perfecting the basics, there are plenty of solutions available that will provide both ease and convenience to your residents.