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NAA Announces Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion Grant Recipients

Nicole Ryan
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ARLINGTON, VA | November 13, 2020 – The National Apartment Association (NAA) has announced the Maryland Multi-Housing Association, Apartment Association of Kansas City and Louisville Apartment Association as recipients of the 2020 Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion (IDI) Grant. The NAA Diversity & Inclusion committee carefully reviewed 24 grant applications and selected recipients whose objectives align with the ideals set forth by NAA’s Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement. The statement reads, "As the voice of the rental housing industry, NAA will model inclusion and embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives to those with whom we work and exist to serve."

The IDI Grant plays a central role in NAA’s mission to advance diversity and inclusion in the rental housing industry, inspire the next generation and strengthen those whom we work and exist. The grant, generously funded by The Home Depot Pro, was open to NAA member associations, property management firms, supplier partners and related organizations that have innovative ideas to advance diversity and inclusion at their organizations and will provide meaningful contributions to our industry. Further, the grant reflects NAA's dedication to encouraging a workforce environment that is inclusive, supportive, and rich in diversity. NAA’s total pool of funds for the IDI grants is $25,000 per fiscal year.

Full details on the IDI grant program can be found here. Home Depot Pro has also created a video highlighting the importance of diversity and IDI diversity grants, available here.  

“NAA seeks to advance the professionalism of the apartment industry and is dedicated to including and embracing diverse backgrounds and perspectives,” said Bob Pinnegar, NAA President & CEO. “We all must do better to expand opportunities and celebrate diversity, and NAA is proud to encourage and help IDI grant winners fund these critical efforts. We congratulate all recipients and look forward to the long-term benefits they will bring to the local communities and the industry.”

The 2020 IDI Grant funding is broken down as follows, accompanied by project descriptions submitted on the recipients’ applications:

Maryland Multi-Housing Association: The Multifamily Catalyst Project - $5,000

  • “Developing diversity and ensuring inclusion within the executive levels of the industry is the goal of this project. Access to executive level (C-Suite) mentors will provide people of color exposure to strategy, expertise, and relationships they otherwise might not experience in their current career trajectory. Principals and Officers of member firms would commit to mentor a participant from another member firm for one year.


“The goal is to help each Mentee build their leadership and management toolkits through exposure to be better prepared for a C-Suite opportunity. This may include but not be limited to:leadership, communication, organizational dynamics, critical thinking, owner/investor perspective, and professional development.”

Apartment Association of Kansas City: Diversity & Inclusion Committee Initiatives - $8,850

  • “The Apartment Association of Kansas City is composed of individuals committed to making a difference in racial, ethnical, LGBTQ+ and other minority acceptance and inclusion in the multifamily industry and beyond.  We cannot silently sit back and ignore the injustice around us.  We must raise awareness and participate in righting wrongs.  To stay silent is to be complacent and we refuse to model acceptance.  We believe that every person that participates in the committee, seminars, luncheons, and other AAKC events should be moved and inspired to self-reflect and act.  With this funding we will do the next right thing, and then the next right thing, and so on, to combat racial and other injustices within our industry.  We strive to create an environment where all feel included, valued and seen within the association and the multifamily industry. We are confident that this committee, these events and objectives will make a positive impact on the Kansas City Multifamily Industry.”

Louisville Apartment Association: Manage the Block: Diversity and Inclusion for Workforce Development in Residential Property Management Careers - $11,150

  • “The Louisville Apartment Association (LAA) is seeking a partnership with the LCCC  and hopes to obtain a grant to implement a Diversity Workforce Development for Property Management focusing on Property Maintenance program. The objective is to empower diverse groups to obtain instruction for careers in residential property management and property maintenance.  The collaboration of LAA and LCCC will promote, educate, and foster diversity in the property management and maintenance sector which will expand the face of the property management sector in Louisville, KY.  In doing that, this displays representation of unique backgrounds, provides opportunities to established and redeveloped communities with relatable representation. Thus, resulting in a better quality for the tenants and managers.”


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