Animal Rules That Work for All Residents

December 20, 2016 |

Updated June 22, 2017

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The majority of U.S. households—65 percent—own a pet, so apartment communities looking to maintain a competitive advantage are opening their doors to furry friends of all shapes and sizes.

Apartment communities that want to cater to dog owners can offer dog-washing stations and an off-leash dog park. A designated dog run at the property will not only provide dog-owning residents an easy option for exercising their dogs, but will also give residents an opportunity to meet one another. Resident relationships can boost resident retention. And dog-washing stations can cut down on clogged drains in the units.

But what about residents who have allergies or simply don’t like to be around animals? Savvy property managers can create communities where all residents, regardless of animal affinity, are happy. Consider doing the following:

  • Install pet-waste stations throughout the community to help ensure pet owners pick up after their animals.
  • Enforce leash rules. Don’t allow dog owners to let their dogs off leash anywhere but in a designated area.
  • Be proactive about noise complaints. Refer owners whose dogs bark often to a local trainer, or offer dog-training sessions at the apartment community.

Remember sometimes fair housing laws require owners to make exceptions to their policies and community rules regarding animals. See the NAA assistance animal resources page (members login required) for more information.

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