5 Best Pieces of Operations Advice for 2019

December 19, 2018 |

Updated August 4, 2021

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#1: How to Handle Medical Marijuana and Fair Housing

marijuana and fair housing

Federal law states that there is no currently accepted medical use, yet 30 states and the District of Columbia have laws legalizing it in some form. As more states legalize medical marijuana, the role of fair housing protections is being challenged...

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#2: An Eviction Alternative


A Charleston-based apartment company exchanges eviction fees for a plan that can help habitually delinquent customers attain financial stability...

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#3: Preventing Applicants from Scamming You

pervent application fraud

Learn what steps to take to combat the growing trend of fraudulent applications, including new tech tools...

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#4: Concern Growing About Fraudulent Resident Applications

online appications

A recent study finds that the majority of property management companies have been affected by fraud, but due to the emerging nature of the problem, they are not well equipped to manage the issue...

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#5: Self-Guided Tours Open Doors to Closing Sales

self guided tours

Letting prospective residents tour an apartment unit on their own is something apartment communities are finding effective.

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