10 Things to Look Forward to at Communities This Fall
husky dog in a dracula costume with a trick or treat container in front of him

September 14, 2022 |

Updated September 28, 2022

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Here are 10 things members of NAA’s Operations Committee are excited for this fall.  Many events are centered around bringing communities together.

  1. Local chef cook-off contest. Have a great chef from a local restaurant come in and have people do a cook-off on menus the chef creates.
  2. “Thankful” dinner for residents—a way for the community to give back to its residents.
  3. Pet Halloween costume runway contest with jazz music.
  4. Pizza and drive-in movie night/game night. Rent a blow-up movie screen to be placed on the terrace so people can come watch.
  5. Food truck mania and a chocolate mousse giveaway (food trucks at the community with prepaid foods and deserts).
  6. Treasure hunt. Residents win prizes based on the clues they bring back to the office.
  7. Chili cook-off for residents and staff. Remember to hold the chili pot steady.
  8. Giving back. Outdoor movie night with residents brining a food donation to provide both an event for the residents and help a wonderful charity.
  9. A community yard sale. Residents love it! “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
  10. Pumpkin decorating contest with the residents voting on the community portal. One way to promote digital and tech engagement.