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My RPM Story: RPM Careers Ambassador Julie Chu

RPM Careers

When people visit, they meet me! I’m Julie, the RPM Careers ambassador featured on the home page of the National Apartment Association’s new website designed to bring talent to our industry. RPM Careers ambassadors — 30 of us, with more on the way — represent young leaders in residential property management (RPM), and visitors to the site can connect with us on the ambassadors page to learn more about what we do. I’m proud that I can help qualified candidates join our growing teams and make our industry the best that it can be.  

My RPM story began when I was on the other side of a property manager’s desk: I was a resident in a community, and I had stopped by the leasing office to renew my lease. The staff was so busy that I had to wait a bit for someone to assist me; the property manager said that they were short-staffed and asked if I was interested in a job. I had been working late shifts in the retail and food service industry for five years and was ready for a change — and I never looked back! 

I started my RPM career as a part-time leasing and marketing specialist. I quickly transitioned to a full-time assistant manager in less than a year. Now I am a property manager who oversees all aspects of successfully managing a multimillion-dollar community. I wear many hats, including leasing and marketing to potential residents, creating a strong community to retain current residents, leading and training my RPM team, inspecting the property, working with vendors on various repairs and projects, and analyzing financial data. Each day is different depending on the needs of my community — I love a career that keeps me on my toes.

I think that it’s fate that I got into RPM — I would never have thought to look for a career in the industry. There are so many perks! Working in the service industry was tiring, and it didn’t allow me to use my professional strengths and education. With a job in RPM, I truly feel that I have a strong career path and I’m developing new skills. And I’m making a difference by helping people find quality housing, providing an excellent working environment, and growing the value of a community.

I signed up to be an RPM ambassador to help others learn about our great industry. People may be unaware of how much depth there is to being an RPM professional, and how rewarding it can be. With the continuing growth of our industry, there is an abundance of job opportunities for those who are graduating or looking to change careers.

Visit to connect with me by email or through LinkedIn, and check out the RPM Careers ambassadors page to meet others like me!