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MAXX Properties Leadership Transition

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By Les Shaver

Eric (Rick) Wiener succeeds his father, Robert, as Chairman of MAXX Properties.

In July, MAXX Properties named Eric (Rick) Wiener as Chairman. He succeeds his father, Robert, who is assuming the role of Chairman Emeritus and will focus on strategic initiatives.

In the transition, Andrew Wiener, Eric’s brother, will assume the Vice Chairman role, responsible for the administration of the family office. Executive Director David Wiener, Eric’s brother, will primarily be involved in strategic planning, capital allocation and acquisitions.

Rick Wiener began his career as a leasing agent and maintenance technician of a 23-apartment building. In 1992, he co-founded Wiener West Group in Denver. He led the company’s multifamily housing acquisitions in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Utah.

“As is often true in life, it’s all about the journey,” Rick said in a press release. “I look forward to meeting the challenge of results-oriented growth in an ever-changing and fiercely competitive business environment.”

MAXX Properties, which consists of multifamily housing, commercial and cooperatives, has been operated by Wiener family since 1936. The company’s current portfolio consists of 37 communities with 8,980 owned multifamily housing apartments in six states across the country and 2,344 cooperative apartments in New York.