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5 Ways to Use Simple, Modern Designs to Appeal to More Residents

Modern Apartment Designs

Did you know that taupe is the new beige?

These days, if you want to impress prospective residents and keep your current ones, get rid of those gold-toned walls in beige and ivory and switch to cool tones like taupe and gray to give your apartments a modern touch.

The smart property manager knows that on-trend design can boost a community’s popularity with residents. “Updating an interior with the latest trends can elevate a property to make it feel more special,” says Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design for The Home Depot.

Here are a few trend tips and tricks straight from Fishburne that won’t break the bank, but will keep your apartment homes looking their most attractive and modern.

Use paint to make a small room feel bigger
If you want to add the illusion of space to a small room, go with lighter colors to make the space feel airier. Use paint colors that have a lot of white in them. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to trick the eye into making the room look larger.

White kitchens are in
If you can update only one room to keep your residents happy, make it the kitchen. A big design shift in the past few years is all about white kitchens. The current look is tonal, while in the past kitchens were high contrast with a lot of color. These days, the countertops are white, the cabinets are white, the backsplash is in a white story. People like a blank canvas because it is timeless, and residents can make it their own.

Replicate natural materials in the flooring
When it comes to flooring, residents want a look that mimics materials found in nature, so think wood and stone. You can find these looks in many different materials. Tile is durable and easy to keep clean. Laminate looks much better than it did years ago, and vinyl is making a comeback. Property managers can use vinyl to strike the right balance between cost savings and a look that residents will love.

Smart layouts boost property value
Pay careful attention to the furniture in the bathroom. Bathrooms used to have long, wall-to-wall cabinets. Now, residents want something more special. Put in a vanity to elevate the space. Move toward more furniture pieces.

Also, a nice, open kitchen layout is going to differentiate one property from another. If you’re remodeling a kitchen, open up that space by adding an island. It makes the room feel more like what residents see in magazines—without actually adding room to the space. And ditch those fluorescent lights. Add a little personality to your lighting. 

Fixtures and door details make a big impact
Use brushed nickel for all hardware features. Everyone still loves it, and it feels fresh. For doors, recessed panels can fit with many styles, from traditional to country to modern. It’s more of a tactile experience, and those little details are important to residents.

In today’s digital world, trends are changing much more quickly than they have before. With residents as educated and savvy as ever, you have to keep up. Visit Home Depot for plenty of information and resources about the newest designs and trends.

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