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5 Simple Fall Landscaping Tips

Fall Landscaping Tips

Digested from “6 Don’ts for Apartment Landscaping” in Property Management Insider (9/21/16) by Moneta, Brett

An apartment community with well-maintained landscaping has good curb appeal, which is important for attracting potential residents and retaining current ones.

Dave Forehand, a horticulturist and vice president of gardens at the Dallas Arboretum, offers the following landscaping tips to keep apartment communities looking their best.

1. Don’t pile mulch on tree trunks. Too much mulch around tree trunks (the volcano effect) can give trees too much moisture and attract bugs. Focus on mulching tree roots, not the trunks. Also, don’t cover the root flare (which has bark) with mulch; that’s part of the trunk.

2. Prune young trees. Pruning and shaping trees when they’re young will not only help them grow into an attractive shape but will also maintain their health.

3. Make sure your landscaper has the right tools. A single-blade edger will create much better definition than a trimmer, and a ride-on mower might not reach all parts of the lawn. Don’t use landscapers who don’t have all the necessary tools.

4. Clean up mown grass. Some landscapers “mow and blow,” leaving cut grass in the street or on the sidewalk. That compromises curb appeal.

5. Don’t overfertilize. If you are in a colder region, fertilizing in spring and fall is sufficient. (Hotter areas with winter grass might also need a winter fertilizing session.) More fertilization is a waste of money.

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