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CAMT+E Online

Who Should Enroll

The CAMT+E micro-credential is designed for apartment maintenance technicians who are preparing to take on a larger role in improving and managing energy efficiency in the communities they serve. 

Training Goal

After completing the training, the participant will take a lead in recommending energy efficiency measures for the apartment community and advocating a preventative maintenance routine that fosters optimal equipment performance.  By taking this course and studying the recommended reading material, the participant will be prepared to sit for the CAMT+E micro-credential exam.

You'll learn about:

  • Ways to incorporate energy efficiency measures in occupied units, vacant units and common areas
  • The benefits and impacts of energy efficiency measures to multiple stakeholders--on-site managers, owners/investers, maintenance team and residents
  • Installation and monitoring of energy efficiency measures
  • How to advocate for time to perform preventative maintenance that keeps equipment performing optimally
  • The importance of regularly monitoring building energy use
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of energy efficiency performance and upgrades over time

CAMT+E Course Flyer

Course Modules

Module 1.  Ways to incorporate energy efficiency into your daily routine

Module 2.  Communicating your recommendations

Module 3. Overseeing the installation of energy efficiency measures

Module 4. Getting the most from your equipment through preventative maintenance

Module 5. Energy benchmarking: Become an advocate for efficient use of energy

Enroll in the Program

Available online only

To pay for your course, please proceed to

  • Price for CAMT+E Micro-Credential (CAMT credential holders only) $199
  • Price for Principles of Energy Efficiency for Maintenance course (standalone) $249
  • You are required to complete five (5) modules plus the classroom CAMT coursework and successfully pass the online exam in order to obtain the CAMT+E credential.
  • Before you pay for the course, click on the link below to enroll as a candidate in the CAMT+E program. Enrollment option coming soon!


If you have any questions, please contact NAAEI.