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CAM Online Completion Instructions

The Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) credential opens the door to employment opportunities throughout the apartment industry.

The following steps will guide you toward the achievement of your credential.

1. Enroll as a candidate.

  • Create an NAA account to enroll as a candidate in the CAM program.
  • When enrolling, include the date you entered the apartment industry. The CAM credential requires one year of onsite apartment management experience.
  • Candidacy is a six-month period during which you must complete the eight CAM modules and pass the comprehensive exam.

2. Purchase the CAM modules.

  • Purchase the CAM Online modules at
  • CAM modules can be purchased individually or as a full program.
  • After purchasing the modules, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access your courses.

3. Complete the eight CAM modules.

Be sure you have completed the eight CAM modules on Visto: 

  • Industry Essentials
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Property Maintenance
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Human Resources
  • The Resident Experience

4. Prepare for the CAM exam.

  • Exam study materials are located on the Candidate Resources section of the NAA website.
  • Study materials include practice tests, skill checks, practice financial calculations and a quick reference guide for financial terms and formulas.
  • CAM test prep webinars are offered regularly. Check the Candidate Resources page for upcoming webinar dates.

5. Schedule your exam.

  • To obtain your NAA ID and exam eligibility code for logging into the exam scheduling site, forward your transcript of completed courses to NAAEI at [email protected]. The transcript is located in the Achievements tab of your Visto account.
  • NAAEI will reply with instructions including a link to the exam scheduling site. You will choose the date and time for your test. Your computer must be equipped with a webcam.
  • See the NAAEI Candidate Handbook for more information about the exam scheduling process.

6. Take the CAM exam.

  • The CAM exam is an online exam held in a proctored environment and timed for four hours. The exam is administered by Scantron. Your computer must be equipped with a webcam and audio capability in order to complete the exam.
  • The CAM exam is scored pass/fail and consists of 185 multiple choice questions.
  • If you do not pass the exam, you make retake it as many times as needed. A retake fee of $100 will be charged when you schedule an exam retake.
  • Contact [email protected] to obtain a retake exam eligibility code if necessary.

CAM badge

7. Retrieve your digital badge and certificate.

  • Within a few days of successfully completing the CAM exam, you will receive an email from BadgeCert with instructions for downloading your digital badge.
  • Digital badges can be used in the signature line of emails, on digital resumes and on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media.
  • Be sure that your correct mailing and e-mail addresses are on file with NAAEI.

8. Maintain your CAM credential.

  • A CAM is required to submit eight continuing education credits (CECs) each year to satisfy the credential renewal requirement.
  • Visit to find great courses to satisfy the CEC requirement.
  • You will receive a renewal notice by mail and email each year a few months prior to the anniversary date of your renewal.
  • Submit CECs and renewal payment of $100 online.
  • Be sure to update your contact information, including personal email address, with NAAEI if there are any changes.