NAA Click & Comply

NAA Click & Comply is the industry's only maintenance and operations management software, allowing property management companies to consolidate processes and systems into one place for ease of use and transparency. Automate, save time, and trust that your properties are remaining compliant.

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What you can expect from using NAA Click & Comply:

  • Mitigated risk and preventative maintenance for your properties
  • More efficient onsite teams
  • Improved performance
  • Streamlined communications
  • Dashboards to see property performance across your entire portfolio
  • Asset preservation
  • Implementation within 60 days

Who benefits from NAA Click & Comply?

Property Teams

You can’t be everywhere at once. The dashboards and reporting features will allow you to quickly identify where your attention is needed most. Your team will be provided with daily guidance so you can focus on what really matters.

Owners & Management Companies

Reduce your risk, save on costs and give yourself peace of mind. NAA Click & Comply reminds the right people at the right time what needs to be done as well as providing the resources to execute, monitor, store and report all tasks and inspections. The platform is tailored to your processes and goals. It ensures consistency in operational processes throughout your organization.

  • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Access a single source of daily guidance for onsite teams while offering real-time visibility into what’s happening, or not happening, at your properties.
    • With Smart Task Automation, create templates that automatically generate tasks, delegate to specific team members and include recurrences like daily, monthly, annually.
    • Assign tasks as critical for easy prioritization and capture important, time-stamped data of tasks completed.
  • On-Demand Instructions
    • Receive notifications when policies, protocols and other important information is updated.
    • Access and execute emergency protocol on-the-go
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboards
    • Create and save custom reports around any data, and export to Excel and PDF.

  • Compliance
    • The platform sources and catalogs all applicable federal, state, city and county municipal codes, reviews them for compliance regulations and monitors any changes that may arise. Templates are then created and push these code requirements to your properties based on their location.
  • Inspections
    • Utilize ready-made form templates or have your account representative customize forms to your needs for each specific property.
    • Create unlimited versions so you are able to capture the most important data for your specific community. Make changes easily when there’s new information to record.
    • From mold remediation or incident reports, to pool pH levels and unit turns, your inspection data is stored securely and is quickly accessible with our helpful reporting tools.

  • Risk Management
    • Prove that company protocols and procedures are enforced and followed.
    • Access best practices in risk management, customized by each community, providing real-time visibility into how properties are complying.
    • Qualify for lower insurance premiums and deductibles based on properties performance.
    • View real-time updates on which of your properties are putting you at risk.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Deliver tasks to onsite team at the right time using a comprehensive list of required maintenance schedules based on the equipment, amenities and geographical location of individual sites.
    • Preserve the value of your assets by receiving alerts if protocols are not followed.

By combining your policies and procedures with NAA Click & Comply’s database of industry best practices, we create one centralized source of communication and guidance for your teams.

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