Virtual Event - But Real Connections

APTvirtual's amazing interactive platform makes connecting easy! A host will guide you through the experience over the course of five manageable half-days. So what does "networking" during APTvirtual look like? Here are six ways to connect with over 2,000 industry professionals in a virtual environment:

  • Interactive exhibits: "Enter" the virtual NAA Exposition hall for videos, demos and information. Answer polls, request meetings and text, or video-conference with exhibitors. Check out the list of current exhibitors.
  • Matchmaking: Strike up 1:1 or small-group conversations with participants matched specifically to your shared interests. Try Speed Networking or set up Virtual Braindates around a topic, issue, or goal. 
  • Private meetings by video: Request and accept meetings with fellow attendees, exhibitors, or sponsors through the Private Meeting Scheduler.
  • Shared experiences: Focus on "being" together in Wellness Labs for 10-minute activities. Or, keep things lively during Happy Hours.
  • Something to talk about!: Game Changer speakers kick off each day with inspiring stories of grit, adapting to change, rising to the challenge, and finding ways to move forward.
  • Rewards for engagement: Earn points toward potential prizes whenever you interact, answer a poll, send a message, watch a video, or arrange a meeting. 

Make connections that will see you through times of great change and challenges.

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If you're already registered for our virtual event, we couldn't be more excited! Our APTvirtual platform (called Pathable) will be launching in a week on October 19, so be sure to keep an eye out for an email inviting you to log-in. On Pathable, you will be able to fill out your profile, schedule Braindates and one-on-one meetings with exhibitors, as well as select education sessions you'd like to attend. 

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