What’s Hot in Kitchen Design

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Like any other design trend, what consumers want when it comes to the style and functionality of the kitchen is a moving target.

Kitchen & Bath Design News recently surveyed countertop manufacturers to find out the latest trends in kitchen design.

Mixed materials. Kitchens today are incorporating wood, metal, stone, glass and more. Functionally, this can play out as stone countertops on the perimeter of the kitchen, a solid-surface backsplash and a wood-countertop island.

Multifunctional islands. If space allows, and particularly if there isn’t a separate dining room, an island is a good kitchen addition. It can be used for eating, prep work, entertaining or as a homework space.

Integrated functionality. Countertops are now more multifunctional. They can include integrated butcher blocks, wireless charging areas and food scales.

Low-maintenance countertops. Natural stone countertops are beautiful, but they can require a lot of care. That’s why quartz remains popular—it offers a natural look with high durability. Wood, particularly reclaimed wood and walnut, are also popular right now. Laminate provides a textured and organic look at a low price.

Sophisticated and simple edging. Waterfall and mitered edges help showcase beautiful countertops.

White and gray palette. White kitchens are still popular, and gray and taupe work well with an industrial design.

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