The State of Mental Health, Well-Being in the Apartment Industry

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Results of a national survey on the state of mental health, well-being in the rental housing industry now available.

Mental and emotional health are always important topics, and they have become even more vital during the pandemic and the resulting staffing challenges elevating pressures on multifamily team members. The National Apartment Association (NAA) and its Mental Health subcommittee partnered with Swift Bunny to evaluate employee well-being via a national survey.

The goal of the study was to raise awareness of this critically important topic, identify areas which require attention and allow NAA to provide member resources. Despite this survey dealing with personal and sensitive topics, the reaction from the industry was significant. More than 2,300 employees responded, including corporate office personnel, regional operations team members and onsite employees, who represented 73.5% of respondents.

The results were analyzed and mental and emotional health were discussed in a December 2021 webinar, “NAA’s Mental and Emotional Health Survey: Challenges Facing Today’s Workforce.”

One of the more shocking findings was that nearly a quarter of respondents said they are unsure if employee well-being is a priority at their company. And just over one out of four employees are unsure or unlikely they will be with their current company within the next 12 months. The study used an Agreement/Importance (A/I) algorithm to score employees’ feelings on a particular topic.

The lowest ranked topic was, “Overall, I feel less stressed than I did a year ago,” with less than 36% of respondents agreeing. Employees were concerned with the labor shortage, wages and unrealistic deadlines. Despite it ranking second highest in importance, “In the last month, my mental and emotional health has not interfered with my personal life,” only a third of respondents agree or totally agree with the statement.

Other topics included workload stress, work-life balance, the relationship between mental health and productivity at work, company culture and working more than 40 hours per week.

Read the full NAA Mental and Emotional Health Survey.

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