Spotlight: NAAEI Facilitators Leverage Their Passion for the Rental Housing Industry
headshots of alexis melton and lissi daniels

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Alexis Melton, Corporate Training Specialist for LynCo Properties in Tulsa, Okla., since March 2023. 

I have always been interested in real estate and the housing industry, and in college, I started working in property management. Over time, I developed a passion for the rental housing industry and wanted to enhance my skills and knowledge to advance my career. 

This is when I learned about NAA and NAAEI. The company I worked for at the time was a member of the Tulsa Apartment Association, and as I became more involved, I enrolled in various courses offered by NAAEI to improve my expertise and keep up with industry trends. 

I was recommended to NAAEI by TAA Executive Director Keri Cooper and had the opportunity to go to Nashville to take a weeklong training. I have a strong passion for education and knowledge sharing, and I am eager to utilize my skills and expertise to effectively communicate my knowledge to others and help facilitate their growth and success in the industry. 

I have been working as a NAAEI facilitator since March 2022, and I have traveled all over the U.S., covering topics from leasing best practices, leadership, managing Millennials and fair housing/compliance training. As an NAAEI instructor, I’ve had the opportunity to share my expertise and knowledge with others and help them succeed in their careers. This has been incredibly rewarding, seeing students grow and learn from my teachings—making a positive impact on their lives. 

In addition to the personal satisfaction that comes with teaching and helping others, being an NAAEI instructor can also provide opportunities for networking and professional growth. By interacting with other industry professionals and experts, I can stay up to date on industry trends and developments and expand my own professional network. 

I hope to learn from being an NAAEI instructor, I hope to develop my own teaching and communication skills, learn more about the multifamily housing industry and gain experience and exposure as a subject matter expert. 

Lissi Daniels, VP of Learning and Marketing, PMG Property Management, LLC, in Scottsdale, Ariz., since January 2023.  

My career started over 16 years ago as a part-time Marketing Specialist, which rolled into a full-time Leasing Consultant. From there, it was a takeoff of continued growth, positives and challenges in several positions, ultimately leading me to my dream role, which I am in today. The ability to grow and serve as a leader of the team and help give back all my knowledge is something I aim for. 

I oversee both the learning and marketing departments at PMG. I’m in the process of building out two robust components that will attract customers as well as support all onsite teams to be successful in their roles. I also help the leasing teams maximize the customer experience by developing and implementing policies and procedures, training and utilizing measurement and evaluation for the overall team’s performance. 

My passion for training led me to connect with my local associations in Dallas-Fort Worth, and from there, I had so many opportunities presented to me from training sessions to becoming a speaker. Being able to Co-Chair and then Chair the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas Education Committee was a huge highlight. My involvement in NAAEI was a stepping stone when I went through AFT and was able to facilitate CALP. I’ve been an instructor for over six years, covering topics including sales, leadership and leasing. 

I love sharing all the knowledge I have and giving it back to people eager to learn and grow; it makes me smile to see that I have impacted someone in such a small way that they could become something more significant in their career path. My passion is to empower people by mentoring, motivating and inspiring others to become the best in their roles.


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