The NAA ApartmentCast Tackles Rent Control

Leah Cuffy, NAA’s Director of Advocacy Research, joins The NAA ApartmentCast to discuss NAA’s latest rent control research. 

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Leah Cuffy, NAA’s Director of Advocacy Research, has joined The NAA ApartmentCast to discuss a perennial topic: Rent Control.

From December 2022 to February 2023, NAA commissioned ndp | analytics to conduct interviews with housing providers and developers from three different markets impacted by rent control policies and proposals: St. Paul, Minn; Santa Ana/Santa Barbara; Calif; and Portland/Eugene, Ore. The interviewees ranged from large firms operating thousands of units and having properties across the country to small mom-and-pop businesses with a handful of units and, often, invested in real estate as part of a retirement plan or second source of income.

This research was supplemented with an online public opinion poll across the United States in February 2023. The poll questions focused on housing availability, residential construction and policy perspectives. 

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The full report, "Examining the Unintended Consequences of Rent Control Policies in Cities Across America," and companion infographic are now available for download

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