“My RPM Story” – Nathan

2 minute read

RPM Career AmbassadorWhen the economy took a dive in 2008, so did the real estate industry. That was the catalyst I needed to leave my job in new home sales to search for something better. What I found was a career in residential property management (RPM), which offers a steady income in an economically resilient industry and much more.

Seven years later, I’ve grown a lot in my career. Now, I’m proud to use my leadership skills to give back to the community as an RPM Careers ambassador on RPMcareers.org — NAAEI’s resource to bring new talent to our industry. To contact me, all a jobseeker has to do is navigate to the “Connect” page on RPMcareers.org and connect through LinkedIn or email. I’m happy to give advice about how to join the industry — and to share my RPM story.

Why did I join RPM? RPM is loaded with opportunities to advance. After just over two years in the industry, I was promoted to community manager. Now, I oversee six employees and a $3 million budget for a 336-unit community.

Managing a community comes with enough responsibility that my days are never boring. On any given day, I’ll show available units, manage spending, oversee capital projects, plan resident events, address resident problems … the list goes on and on! My skills are tested every day, and in the process I’ve become a better communicator and coach.

My favorite part of managing a community is making decisions about property enhancements. I’m able to design, implement, and oversee a variety of capital projects for the property; it’s kind of like being the CEO of the community.

It is my belief that there are many highly qualified people who should enter RPM but may be unaware of our work. The industry needs a voice that can show the real benefits of our jobs. I’m proud to be that voice.

Visit RPMcareers.org to learn how you can become an RPM Careers ambassador and help bring qualified candidates to work with us!