NAA Mental and Emotional Health Survey

2022 NAA Mental and Emotional Health Survey

Last year NAA conducted a groundbreaking mental and emotional health survey for the rental-housing industry, and over 2,300 employees provided feedback. This year, NAA re-ran this survey from March 14 through April 15, 2022, and over 3,600 employees provided feedback. This remarkable 56% increase in responses strongly suggests that the issue of mental health remains an important concern for the rental-housing industry.

Once more, NAA partnered with Swift Bunny, an independent, third-party, employee feedback provider and NAA member.  This year’s survey remained anonymous, complimentary, and quick and easy to complete.  We emailed key contacts at all relevant companies in our database to request their participating in this survey.

There were two important changes this year:

  • Besides rental-housing organizations, supplier partner companies could participate.
  • Participating organizations had the option to receive a report that summarized their employees’ responses compared to the national benchmarks.

This year’s survey sought to identify issues regarding employee wellbeing, how mental and emotional health are impacting work and personal lives, levels of stress, and the support employers are offering.  Results identified trends compared to the initial survey. 

National findings were presented at the Apartmentalize 2022 conference in San Diego, CA in a session scheduled for Thursday, June 23, 8:30 a.m. PT.  Instructions will be forthcoming on how NAA members may access the recording from this session.

Meanwhile, to view a detailed analysis of these national findings, please download this White Paper.

If you wish your organization to participate in future surveys, and for any questions, please email James Campbell.

2021 NAA Mental and Emotional Health Survey

Mental and emotional health have always been important topics, but they have become even more so due to the challenges we all have been facing during the pandemic.

We are excited to announce that NAA and its Mental Health Subcommittee have successfully completed this first-of-its-kind effort for the rental-housing industry.  NAA partnered with Swift Bunny, an independent research organization and NAA member, to conduct this survey.  Despite this anonymous survey dealing with a very personal and sensitive topic, the reaction from the industry was significant, with 2,332 employees responding.  Respondents included corporate office personnel, regional operations team members, and on-site employees, with 73.5% representing on-site employees.

Key takeaways include:

  • The lowest scoring topics were related to stress and workload impacting respondents’ mental health, productivity at work, and their personal lives
  • In the last year, 40% of respondents took time off due to not feeling emotionally well enough to perform their jobs. 12% took one week or longer
  • In the last month, mental and emotional health has interfered with the personal lives of 42% of respondents
  • 23% of respondents are unsure if employee well-being is a priority at their company
  • 1 in 4 respondents is unsure if their company offers resources to help support employee mental and emotional health
  • With 27% of respondents either unsure or unlikely to remain with their company in the next 12 months, the mental and emotional health issues identified in this study warrant attention
  • Topics with the highest correlation with the likelihood to remain at the company included: employee wellbeing is a priority at the company; company’s culture encourages balance between work and personal life; executive leadership; and company offers resources to help support mental health

For a detailed analysis, please download this White Paper or view this webinar.

Responses have been so encouraging that NAA is planning to re-run this survey on a regular basis to track industry progress over time.  If you would like to have your company participate in future surveys, please email James Campbell.