NAA Member Testimonials

The National Apartment Association: We Lead the Way Home. 

Below are testimonials on the value of NAA membership:

"NAA has been invaluable to my business. My company has 100% involvement with NAA because of the strong support NAA provides in many aspects of my business. The strong legislative support, the lease program, education for my employees and industry resources have helped to positively impact my bottom-line. The ROI I’ve received each year from NAA has far more than outweighed my meager membership dues. Everyone should fully support an organization that is going to protect your interests and support your growth.  If you don’t actively work to protect your multifamily business, who will?  Our government?”  

J. Frank Barefield, Jr., President/Owner
Abbey Residential, LLC
8,500 units
Birmingham, AL 

 “I have been an active member of the local apartment association of New Mexico for some time, however the more I contribute, from the local level to the national level, the higher the returns to my organization. Our investment in the Government Affairs Committee has paid dividends in fending off unfriendly legislation affecting taxes, property management, and landlord tenant laws. This is aside from the professional associations and mentoring one gets and provides. An additional value is achieved from the training our staff receives from management, leasing, to maintenance. The certifications provide our employees with greater confidence and professionalism in doing their jobs.  We have grown our company from 250 units and three employees in 2005 to over 1,400 units and forty-five employees today. The professional guidance we receive greatly outweighs the any fees.“

Chuck Sheldon, CCIM, CPM, President 
T and C Management, LLC
1,400 units 
Albuquerque, NM 

 "The Westover Companies is an NAA member in multiple states. My investment in membership has reaped significant returns for my business. The profitability we’ve experienced directly ties to the knowledge and support NAA provides my employees and me. Education and best practices on every part of operating more effectively and efficiently has helped every part of Westover; from my maintenance team all the way up through the executive level. In addition, the legislative support on local, state and national levels are second to none. Support NAA fully because your support will enable to organization to provide even stronger support for the industry and benefit your business even further.”

Guntram “Gunti” Weissenberger, President/Owner
The Westover Companies
10,806 units
King of Prussia, PA 

 “Pinnacle’s membership involvement with NAA has increased over the years to where we now have 100% participation. As the company expands, we always make sure that properties are members of local associations. The relationship with NAA and affiliates in each market is the result of seeing valuable return on our membership investment. The NAA Click and Lease Program saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars . The education NAA provides our employees is amazing and helps us increase our NOI. Their powerful advocacy has protected our assets. Become 100% engaged in NAA and see the return to your business.” 

Rick Graf, President & CEO
135,000 units
Addison, TX

 “Using NAA is like using Google in that I can leverage the power of its vast resources for very little cost.  For example, for 100 rental homes I pay $500 a year, for which I use free education, and every hour of which equates to hundreds of hours of better management.  My staff and I have had many free webinars including 1) Do it yourself bed bug heat treating 2) Preventative maintenance tips 3) Cost saving tips 4) Companion animals v) Resident services for affordable communities 5) Fair Housing and Legal updates

Access to other top class education and rental housing certifications, a great library of free industry tools, industry updates, events and the credibility of being a member of the National Apartment Association. The NAA 360 program which provides discounts through some of the largest and most used vendors in the rental housing industry. Easy access to the knowledge, standard practices and unique creativity of multitudes of rental housing and business experts. The strength to contest those people in power who sooner or later will try to harm your business.  When that happens, you can be a victim, or you can be a member of NAA.

It's amazing how much I get, and how little it costs.  I would be missing out on tremendous leverage if I was not a member of NAA.” 

Mark Hurley, President
Highland Commercial Properties, Inc. 
2,500 units
San Antonio, TX 

 “My company, Harman Property Management Group, has around 300 units and we have enjoyed and benefited from our membership in the National Apartment Association.  NAA offers many educational opportunities and networking opportunities with other industry professionals who offer great insight and ideas that have helped improve the way we do business and which has helped our business to grow.  NAA is doing some great things for its members like using its collective membership power to build relationships with suppliers and vendors, that we all need and use, to get us better pricing that we just couldn’t get on our own. NAA also does a great job legislatively in looking out for our industries best interests and protecting us from costly, over burdensome and needless regulations. Being a part of NAA allows us little guys to offer input and be represented and gives us a voice. We value our membership within NAA, it’s great to be a part of such a dynamic, engaged, and important association.”  

Peter Harradine, CAM, PMP, General Manager 
Harman Property Management Group 
300 units
Orem, UT

 "Winn Residential is an NAA member with  participation at affiliates in more than 20 States. We have  chosen to join all of our properties in each market because of the valuable resources/benefits NAA has provided our business.  The membership investment made in NAA over the years has helped Winn develop its employees through networking and education, saved on operational costs at the property and company level and has provided  significant benefit by protecting our assets in the local, state and federal legislative arenas. We consider the National Apartment Association a valuable partner that contributes significantly in the  success of WinnResidential across the Nation"

Bill Wollinger, Chief Operating Officer
Winn Residential
97,000 units
Boston, MA