NAA Member Logo, Usage Guide & NAA Brand Guidelines

This logo is a registered trademark of the National Apartment Association. It may be displayed in color or in black and white (shown below). Please do not use the NAA Member logo in any shade other than 100%.

To ensure visibility and legibility, the NAA Member logo should never be reduced below the minimum size of 1.375 inches wide for print, or 100 pixels wide for digital applications.

Click on the links below to access the NAA Member logos. To download the file(s) to your computer, right-click on the text and select "Save Target As". For MAC users, control-click the text and select "Save Link As".

   Member of NAA logo in full color  Member of NAA logo in black and white

High Resolution*
300 pixels/inch


 NAA Color Member Logo (hi res jpeg)  NAA B&W Member Logo (hi res jpeg)

Low Resolution**
72 pixels/inch


 NAA Color Member Logo (lo res png)   NAA B&W Member Logo (lo res png)

*High resolution files are ideal for printed material (such as business cards, magazines, letterhead and brochures).
**Low Resolution images are ideal for websites and HTML-based emails.


Logo Misuse

The NAA Member logo is a valuable asset and should be properly used and protected. The logo should never be altered. Please see below for common mark misuses.

Incorrect Usage guide for the NAA logo, including using unapproved colors, distorting the shape, using a dark background, adding special effects, creating alternate logos, tilting or rotating the logo, altering lettering, using a border, and putting text overtop the logo

NAA Brand Guidelines

Download the full NAA Brand Guidelines


If you have any questions about logo usage or require a different file format, please contact NAA's Communications Department at 703-518-6141.