Letter to the Editor Program

The Ask:

Help write and submit letters to the editor (LTEs) to publications within your state or congressional district. Help further NAA-supported policies by educating members of Congress and the public on issues facing our industry.

How this program helps you:

  • Help further housing policy that’s beneficial for your business and the rental housing industry.
  • Educate members of Congress and the public on important housing policy issues in your local area/state.
  • Position yourself as an industry expert and thought leader in your community.

The Data:

  • 80% of congressional staffers agreed that constituent written LTEs were directly influential to the decision-making process on Capitol Hill. Congressional Management Foundation

The Details:

Letters to the Editor (LTEs) are written submissions to local publications discussing current topics that impact communities. NAA’s program consists of LTEs submitted to periodicals in targeted states and congressional districts about our priority issues to inform both the public and elected officials.

NAA’s Letter to the Editor Program looks to educate lawmakers on specific housing policy issues as they are being debated in the halls of Congress. Our members who participate in the LTE program will not only be educating their elected officials, but they will be able to help show the rental housing industry in a favorable light to help shift public opinion in their region.

The rental housing industry has been negatively portrayed in the media throughout the pandemic and even before and the LTE program aims to push back on that narrative while also targeting key members of Congress on our issues. By getting our messaging in front of the public and specific members of Congress, we will be able to move the policy needle on a particular issue within that district.

NAA staff will assist participants with drafting the LTEs and advising these members on how to submit letters to local publications.

If you have any questions about NAA’s Letter to the Editor (LTE) Program, please contact Austin O’Boyle or Jim Wilson.


Guide To Writing A Letter To The Editor


Austin O’Boyle, Manager of Grassroots Engagement, NAA

Jim Wilson, Director of Political Affairs, NAA