Industry Intelligence by AppFolio: Understanding Challenges Within HR, Staffing, and Recruitment

Survey reveals HR, Staffing, and Recruitment Continues to Be a Challenge in Rental Housing Industry

The state of the property management industry is the latest resource from the National Apartment Association (sponsored by AppFolio) that provides valuable insights into challenges property management professionals face. From surveying over 1,000 professionals, 74% of respondents ranked HR, staffing, and recruitment as their number one challenge. While our industry is no stranger to staff retention and turnover, it seems that this issue will become more prevalent even post-pandemic. As the country starts to open back up, at the top of property management professionals minds are how to fill those critical onsite spots.

Within the topic of HR, staffing, and recruitment, attracting new team members, training new hires quickly, and reducing turnover were rated as the most challenging. When asked to elaborate on why they selected this topic as their primary challenge, respondents shared insights like: “As many companies are experiencing ‘the great resignation,’ we are seeing higher turnover and more difficult backfilling positions,” and “Hiring is extremely challenging. Recruiting maintenance is very difficult. Salary demands are high. Morale due to short staffing and higher expectations from residents is challenging. The phones are ringing off the hook and we can not keep up with customer service and the instant gratification of wanting answers immediately.”

As we continue to understand the challenges facing our industry, some businesses are already taking steps in finding a solution and identifying what they need moving forward. When asked how they are solving this challenge today, respondents answered by saying they’re incorporating sign-on bonuses and increased pay; using recruiters or increasing advertising; and hiring younger or less experienced employees and providing training. What businesses noted where they still needed help in solving this challenge included more industry education programs in high school, colleges, and trade schools; policies that are supportive of increasing the size of the hiring pools; and increased promotion and education about the industry to attract new employees. One respondent says, “We are integrating technology into the process and demanding less of property staff in administrative roles. It allows us to hire less experienced and less qualified staff than in the recent past.”

To learn more about HR, staffing, and recruitment, as well as other challenges affecting our industry, download the full report here. It contains invaluable, timely, and robust data to help you keep a finger on the national pulse of the property management industry, as well as solutions to help overcome the most pressing issues of today