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NAA Wants to Hear From You

| Updated

The National Apartment Association is excited to partner with John Burns Research and Consulting, a trusted source for housing market data and analysis, on its 1Q24 Apartment Developer and Investor Survey.  This survey is designed to improve visibility into aspects of the apartment market…

Standing Strong for the Rental Housing Industry

By Nicole Upano | | Updated

Spurred by the launch of the Biden-Harris Administration’s White House Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights (the Blueprint) in January 2023, the National Apartment Association’s (NAA) federal regulatory advocacy work, bolstered by the active engagement of its members, has reached new levels over…

Weather Factors into Rental Housing

| Updated

The increased frequency of natural disasters in the country has put many rental units at risk. According to "America's Rental Housing 2024" from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, 18 million occupied units, or 41%, are in locations that can expect "substantial expected…

8 Strategies to Boost Renewals and Enhance Resident Retention

By Ashley Tyndall | | Updated

Retaining residents in multifamily housing is far more than a convenience: It's a strategic and economic advantage. Acquiring a new resident involves costs — advertising, showing spaces and potential vacancy losses — considerably higher than retaining an existing one. Moreover, resident…

Beyond the Sale

| Updated

In the fast-paced world of multifamily operations, rental housing industry professionals often find themselves at a crossroads between the pressing demands of transactional results and the deeper, more fulfilling journey of building trust-actional relationships. “True engagement begins with a…

TLC Properties Revolutionizes Everyday Living

| Updated

With its incorporation of state-of-the-art smart technology, TLC Properties is redefining modern living throughout its 30-plus communities. The development and property management company headquartered in Springfield, Mo., is creating a true “car to couch experience,” allowing apartment homes to…

Greystar Announces Financial Successes with Airbnb-Friendly Apartments

| Updated

Greystar and Airbnb have collaborated to bring financial success to residents and properties. The real estate firm announced in early February that its partnership with Airbnb-friendly apartments has brought in more than $3 million in income for residents and more than $950,000 for hosting…

Biennial Study Reveals Residents' Mindsets

| Updated

New data from SatisFacts Research shows renters have a baseline for apartment living. That just so happens to be a 3.82 rating out of 5 stars, according to the Biennial Online Renter Study, now in its 12th year. Reviews are an important factor when it comes to choosing a new place to live, and…

Affordable Stock Needs Attention

| Updated

Society often becomes acutely aware of the value of affordable housing through its absence. The problems that accompany a shortage of affordable housing affect far more people than just the residents who cannot find an apartment home. Without it, businesses struggle to hire, economic development…

Senate Bill Introduced to End Federal CARES Act Notice to Vacate

| Updated

On February 7, 2024, Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) introduced S. 3755, the Respect State Housing Laws Act, in the U.S. Senate. The legislation would end the CARES Act’s federal notice to vacate requirement for federally-backed and federally-assisted housing, a…