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Build-to-Rent: Trend or Fad in Multifamily?

By Michael Miller | May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

Robust build-to-rent activity continues throughout the U.S.Build-to-rent (BTR)/build-for-rent (BFR) communities give residents another option when searching for their next home. The building activity has continued throughout the U.S., mainly in Sun Belt markets. Owners and operators have acquired…

The Great Resignation’s Impact on Multifamily’s Accounting and Finance Functions

By Mike Ballard | May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

No industry or job function has fully escaped the impact of the Great Resignation, and understanding the circumstances leading to the sharp increase in quit rates is the first step in formulating a game plan. In November, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs, the highest number since the…

The Sky’s the Limit with Wireless Services

By Dale Sennie | May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

The benefits of going wireless are evident and in demand. The world of IT is in constant flux. As a result, IT professionals always face a flurry of questions: "Where are you now?" "Where did you begin?" and "Where do you need to be?" For property management companies, the answers to those…

Key Considerations for Multifamily Owners Amid High Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

By James Yoakum | May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

Making the right moves in a higher interest, high inflation economy.For many real estate investors and developers involved in the rental housing industry, interest rates have been historically low for the entirety of their career. The environment in the last decade-and-a-half has been one of a low…

First-Time Renters Leaving Roommates Behind

May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

First-time renters searching for apartments outside city center.The next generation of renters are making their way into the workforce and out of school. Zumper surveyed 700 first-time renters to find out search habits and what they are looking for in their first apartment.Going with the narrative…

Rent Growth Continues at Slower Pace

May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

Nearly all of the 100 largest U.S. cities have seen month-to-month rent growth.Rent growth continues throughout the U.S. Despite a winter slowdown, the May Apartment List National Rent Report shows a 0.9% increase in April to the national index. Year-over-year rent growth is at 16.3%, but rents in…

Renter Interest Increases Led by Suburbs

May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

New data shows renter interest increased in 2021 compared to 2020, and suburbs are leading the charge. While the mass exodus from the cities was widely heard during the start and middle of the pandemic, in reality, the transitions weren’t as prevalent. However, renter interest has increased,…

One-Bedroom Rent Growth Up Double-Digits YoY

May, 2022 | Updated May, 2022

Median one-bedroom rents continue growth. Coastal markets continue to see steady rent growth. According to Zumper’s April National Rent Report, rents are rising at a faster pace in 2022 than during the same period in 2021. Median one-bedroom rents ($1,410) have hit all-time highs in 13 of the last…

One-Bedroom Rents Reach All-Time High

March, 2022 | Updated March, 2022

Rent growth so far in 2022 is outpacing 2021. The latest National Rent Report from Zumper shows median rent for one-bedrooms is at an all-time high. The $1,400 rent is a 2.5% increase since the start of 2022 and is 1.9% higher than the same time as last year. While median one-bedroom rent is 12.2%…

Build-to-Rent Activity Continues in Rental Housing Industry

March, 2022 | Updated March, 2022

Build-to-rent communities are popping up across the nation. The build-to-rent/build-for-rent (BTR/BFR) sector in the rental housing industry continues to trend upward. Recently, there have been new developments and partnerships poised to bring more affordable single-family-style living to the…