How to Improve the Experience at Your Community

2 minute read

Focusing on things like smell and sound can help an apartment community delight prospects.

Pinnacle is going a step further than implementing online leasing and mobile door access in its apartments. It is adopting the sensory experience often found in high-end hotels.

“We have focused on this at our apartment communities by engaging the five senses and borrowing from the hotel brand experience,” says Jennifer Staciokas, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training at Pinnacle.

Here is how Pinnacle is doing it:


Pinnacle is using the same type of signature scents found in hotels, such as the Westin, in its models, leasing centers and fitness centers.


Pinnacle uses customized playlists to create a vibe for a community. In hospitality, Staciokas points to The W Hotels’ efforts to create a hip vibe.


Like the Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis, Pinnacle is creating visually appealing common areas. “Hotels have done a great job converting their lobbies into lounges where guests can work, drink, eat and socialize and our business has been repurposing our lobbies into similar spaces with coworking spaces and resident cafés,” Staciokas says.


With interactive displays and tablet leasing, Pinnacle is providing an opportunity to touch.


Pinnacle offers local drinks and snacks in leasing offices to give prospective residents something to savor.

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