Emergency & Disaster Library

The documents contained in this library are intended to help NAA members plan for natural disasters and other emergencies. These include sample policies, best practices and business assessment and planning tools that have been shared with the NAA Community by other NAA members and public agencies such as FEMA, the American Red Cross and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The following resources have been split into sub-categories:

Wildfire Resources

Ready.gov Guidance on Wildfires

Health and Biohazard Preparedness

NAA Novel Coronavirus Guidance (COVID-19)

The outbreak and subsequent spread of coronavirus 2019 in China (COVID-19) represents a potential threat to the U.S. rental housing market.

It is important to recognize that NAA, its affiliates and individual members are not health care professionals, although we are often looked to as a source of information. The document above is meant to assist you in both monitoring the spread of the disease and answering any questions. This information is subject to change. If you are involved in a COVID-19 case with a resident, please contact NAA to apprise us so that we may provide further guidance as well as keep track of any developments in the rental housing industry.

Specific Weather-Related Documents

FEMA Guidance Documents


The below documents contain hurricane preparation tips from NAA members, including the Bay Area Apartment Association and Regatta Apartment Homes. The Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans has also shared a document containing everything they learned after Hurricane Katrina, including information to give residents, insurance tips and generic forms. This guide is also attached here. 

Winter Storms & Thunderstorms

The attached document was shared with the original NAA Community Site by Clio Barker with Associated Management Company in Dearborn, Mich. and includes tips for roof snow removal and ground snow removal. 

This Thunderstorm Safety Checklist is from the American Red Cross, and contains information about thunderstorm warnings, a thunderstorm watch, and things to do before, during and after a thunderstorm. 

Tornado Safety

These documents, from American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Commerce (in partnership with NOAA and the National Weather Service) include safety tips for tornadoes--before, during and after.


Apartment owners and operators are urged to consider potential hazards on their grounds and develop strategies for keeping buildings and landscaping safe. In the event of a natural disaster, a structured response plan can stabalize the community and prevent property damage, resident injuries and building closures. 

For more, read the full article that originally appeared in the July 2013 issue of UNITS Magazine:

General Disaster Planning

Emergency Planning for Businesses

The below files are from FEMA, and are tools to help you assess your business plan for an emergency or natural disaster, including a Business Emergency Response Plan, Business Impact Analysis, Business Plan Brochure and Business Risk Assessment. Additional information and tools to prepare your business for an emergency are available at FEMA's website

The following tip sheets are from FEMA, and include a three-step emergency preparation plan for people with disabilities. These forms might be beneficial for property managers of adult housing, or residents who might have disabilities. The tip sheet is posted in both English and Spanish. 

The attached brochure contains a specialized outline for emergency planning for older adults, who might have different needs than the rest of the population. This brochure is from FEMA, and may be beneficial to owners and property managers of adult housing. 

Disaster Recovery

The below files include a collection of previous units Magazine articles covering disaster recovery after the Joplin tornadoes and Superstorm Sandy. A long-term recovery manual is also posted, courtesy of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.