Education FAQs

Find answers below to frequently asked questions about NAAEI's programs. 

1. How can I earn an NAAEI credential? 

You can earn an NAAEI credential in one of two ways. You may take the courses at your local apartment association or some credentials are available online. Learn more about online credentials.

2. How do I apply for a credential?

Keep in mind that application is a two-step process. First, create an NAA account here. Use these instructions to create your account. Then click My Education Institute from the Personal Snapshot page to access the PACE portal.  Select the credential you'd like earn.

3. How do I find a course in my area? 

You can visit the Find a Course page to see what classes are available in your area.

4. How do I locate my local affiliate?

Search for the NAA Affiliate closest to your location.

5. How much are classes?

The cost of each course will vary and is set by your local affiliate. The cost for each course is determined by the cost of the instructor(s), any facility rentals and your course materials.

6. I recently moved out-of-state. How can I update my information?  

Keeping your information current with NAA is crucial to keeping your records up-to-date and may reduce returned/delayed mail that could contain important credential information and/or dues invoices. To update your member profile, log into your account and click on Account Management.

7. Can I pay my renewal fees online?  

Yes. Visit PACE to submit your renewal application and pay any outstanding fees.

8. How many Continuing Education Credits (CECs) do I need to report and how do I report them?

Consult the Credential Renewals page to find out how many CECs you need to stay current. You can report your CECs by submitting them on the CEC Activities page of the PACE portal.

9. What if I have a specific question for Education Institute staff?

NAAEI staff is available to answer your questions. Visit the NAA Staff page to find the right person to answer your question(s). You may also contact NAAEI directly. 

Don't see your question here? Send your Education-related question to NAAEI.