Better Government Fund

One of the most common questions NAAPAC receives from NAA members is “What’s the difference between the PAC and the Better Government Fund?”

NAAPAC contributions come directly from an individual’s personal account, whether it’s the individual’s personal checking, credit card, or cash up to $100. This money is used directly towards a candidate. Often times referred to as “hard money,” this donation is heavily regulated and monitored by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Better Government Fund (BGF) contributions can come from an individual’s personal account as well as corporate funds. Contributions to the BGF are unlimited and are not used directly towards a candidate. Corporate contributions are often referred to as “soft money.”

While NAAPAC disburses funds to candidates and members of Congress, the BGF is used to underwrite many of the activities to raise funds for NAAPAC. 

Often times, companies that are unable to give their prior approval to NAAPAC will contribute to the BGF. This provides NAA member corporations the opportunity to support NAA advocacy.

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Accepts an individual’s personal money from a personal checking account, credit card, or cash up to $100 Yes Yes
Accepts partnership funds Yes Yes
Accepts corporate funds No Yes
Contributes to political candidates Yes No
Reports contributions and expenditures Yes* No
Required to designate a treasurer Yes No
Pays for communications to NAA members, including event invitations No Yes
Pays for events to raise money for NAAPAC No Yes**
Pays for prizes and raffles No Yes

*NAAPAC files a monthly report of contributions and disbursements to the FEC.
** NAA will reimburse an affiliate 1/3 of the total money raised – up to actual expenses, as long as the money raised for the NAAPAC is more than the expenses paid.