Airbnb Launches Apartment Listing Service

Airbnb partners with multifamily companies to help residents host renters part-time.

1 minute read

Airbnb is in the apartment listing service business with its new offering: Airbnb-friendly apartments. The company announced more than 175 Airbnb-friendly apartment buildings are available to search in more than 25 U.S. markets.

The Wall Street Journal reports 12 companies are part of the new service and that owners will receive a share of the booking revenue.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to make hosting more accessible to more people, we are introducing Airbnb-friendly apartments – an easier way for renters to find a place to live where they can host on Airbnb part-time,” according to the Airbnb release.

Prospective residents can search Airbnb-friendly apartments and use an interactive calculator to view an estimate of potential monthly earnings.