7 Spring Community Event Ideas That Engage Residents

Highly marketable community events that create positive resident experience. 

By Ashley Tyndall |

3 minute read

Resident experience is the hot topic in the multifamily housing industry these days, and for good reason: When you’re able to achieve a positive resident experience, you’re also able to achieve more renewals and new leases. 

Importantly, a huge part of creating a positive resident experience is fun resident events. However, it can be difficult for your property to host regular, planned events; often, it’s normally not a question of whether your team wants to do events, but rather a lack of time, ideas or budget. 

To help you fill out your resident event calendar for the spring and bring a spark of joy to your community, here are five easy, affordable and unique ideas: 

1. Planting day

Organize a planting day in the community garden or a designated area on the property. Provide gardening tools, seeds and soil to residents who wish to participate. You can also invite local experts to provide gardening tips and advice. Take photos of residents planting and gardening together and share them on social media and your community website.

2. Host a holiday potluck and create a cookbook 

This idea is a cool twist on a classic resident event. At least a week before the potluck, have your residents submit the recipes for the dish they will be bringing and compile them all into a spring cookbook. Then, give a copy to each of your residents at the end of the potluck. Not only will your residents enjoy time together and a yummy dinner but also receive a special token they can take home and enjoy for years to come.

3. Make trendy spring garlands and DIY decor 

This is a great spring-themed craft and activity that is inexpensive and will get residents to come out and participate. This is because it is both a low-commitment and high-value event. For residents, there’s nothing better than free home decor that will take under 30 minutes to get. Plus, it also creates an opportunity to do a community-wide giveaway for the home decor that gets the most likes on social media after you share them all. 

4. Spring Fling

Organize a Spring Fling party in the community center or common area. Include activities such as face painting, balloon animals, a bounce house and carnival games. Provide refreshments and snacks and encourage residents to bring their families and friends. Share photos and videos of the event on social media and your community website.

5. Community yard sale

Spring is the perfect time to clean out clutter and declutter homes. Host a community yard sale in your apartment community's parking lot or common area. Advertise the event on social media, post flyers around the property and promote it on your community website. Encourage residents to participate by offering incentives like waived rent fees or prizes for the best-decorated booth.

6. Spring clean-up day

Host a spring clean-up day in the apartment community. Encourage residents to participate by providing free garbage bags, gloves and refreshments. You can also organize a contest for the most creative trash pick-up team and offer prizes such as gift cards or free parking spaces.

7. Food festivals

Spring is the perfect time for food festivals. You can host a BBQ, a taco festival, a pizza party or any other food-related event that you can think of. Encourage residents to bring their favorite dishes while you provide entertainment and refreshments. Share photos and videos of the event on social media and your community website.

Take Advantage of the Marketing Opportunities

Spring is a wonderful time to engage your residents and market your apartment community. These event ideas can help you create fun and memorable experiences that your residents will enjoy, while also attracting potential renters to your property.

While it might feel a little unnatural and “promotional”, try to view every resident event as a marketing opportunity — take photos and videos, create stories, make TikToks, and share, share, share!

Ashley Tyndall is Director of Business Development for Criterion B.