10 Things A Millennial Thinks About Millennials in the Workplace

By Jesse Miller, MBA, CAPS, ACoM |

April 23, 2019 |

Updated June 10, 2019

2 minutes


1 We love variety.

Millennials don’t positively respond to monotony. We tend to be away from our desk for much of the workday, often keeping our routines varied. Learning and applying new skills is extremely fulfilling.

2 We are flexible.

We are highly adaptable and not steeped in tradition. Can we telework versus suffering through a long commute? We find videoconferencing and/or Skype to be more efficient than traditional, face-to-face meetings.

3 Our self-expression = retention.

Customization and creative freedom are tremendously important to Millennials. Policies that prohibit individuality and innovation will negatively affect our output.

4 We are resourceful.

Millennials rely heavily on networks such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn to research future employers; it only takes seconds to learn about your work environment from others.

5 We are wired differently.

Millennials are hyperconnected and wired for instant gratification, thus causing a lack of patience. This wiring yields positive results but makes it difficult for us to play the waiting game. Given that we’re able to get a movie, date or our tofu-based turkey in an instant, we will have great difficulty waiting around for advancement opportunities.

6 We fearlessly embrace the cutting-edge.

We are apt to boast about pioneering industry technology even if we haven’t yet figured out how to properly use it. We aren’t afraid of new technology, so the learning curve will be short.

7 We collaborate.

Millennials learned teamwork skills at an early age. Nintendo, AOL Instant Messenger, Myspace, chat rooms and the like taught us the value of multi-tasking and communicating more efficiently.

8 We want acknowledgment.

Recognizing our ideas and providing consistent, constructive feedback is more motivational than any financial reward. Period.

9 We like to take ownership.

We prefer to manage tasks and projects; when given this opportunity, we will do whatever it takes to get it done. Ownership = optimal effort.

10 Other Millennials try our patience.

Think it’s just your generation scratching their heads? Think again.

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