10 Things to Keep Your Employees Happy

By Krista Reynolds |

3 minute read
  1. Benefits.
    Does your organization offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, wellness programs, continuing education, paid holidays, increasing vacation time and tuition reimbursement? These benefits are guaranteed to keep a smile on your employees’ faces.
  2. Positive work culture.
    No one looks forward to working in a stressful environment. Creating an atmosphere where employees feel respected, comfortable, included and appreciated can make all the difference in employee retention.
  3. Opportunities for growth.
    Passionate employees desire to develop and learn new skills that will help them grow and advance in their careers. Take the time to understand where your employees aspire to be and partner with them to create a path that clearly defines how they can get there.
  4. Challenging and engaging tasks. 
    In 2017, boredom was ranked as a top reason why employees quit their jobs. Because employees spend a majority of their time at work, it’s important they feel excited and able to utilize their individual creativity.
  5. Performance recognition.
    Employees who consistently are meeting their goals want to be recognized by their supervisors. Though good work is expected, employees who are going above and beyond should be rewarded accordingly, whether it’s with a bonus, promotion or employee award. Each employee is different, so tailoring the recognition to the individual is important.
  6. Meaningful work.
    Employees are likely to stay with a company if they feel their work is meaningful. In this industry, it is our job to provide excellent customer service and a safe, high-quality liv- ing environment for our residents. Employees should understand that the resident experience is directly related to their work.
  7. Ability to Network.
    Anyone looking to advance their career will be interested in opportunities to network with other industry professionals. You can help by sending employees to events hosted by your local apartment association to events offered through organizations such as NAA. These events allow employees to network and gain further industry knowledge, which will benefit your company.
  8. Autonomy.
    Too much micromanaging can create tension between employees and supervisors. Therefore, it’s important you provide employees with the tools to succeed, but also allow them the independence to tackle the task on their own first. This not only empowers employees but frees time for supervisors to focus on strategic planning and complete higher-level assignments.
  9. Team bonding.
    At Morgan Properties, we believe our success is a direct result of our employees. Providing opportunities to celebrate our successes while encouraging team bonding is a great way to bring everyone together. Financing a team lunch or organizing a volunteer activity gives employees the opportunity to reset while getting to better know their colleagues.
  10. Work-life balance.
    Employees work hard day-in and day-out, and our industry can often consume our time after-hours. Being sensitive to employees’ lives outside of work and their need to disengage and focus on spending time with family and friends will not only make them feel appreciated and valued as an employee, but help them come to work the next day or week feeling refreshed.

Krista Reynolds, Vice President of Human Resources at Morgan Properties King of Prussia, Pa.