10 Things I Love about Teaching Boot Camp Fitness Classes

By Jeff Albritton |

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  1. The Memories. I’m a former U.S. Marine and being in a boot camp class reminds me of the time I spent in a real boot camp. I can’t say military boot camp was always the most pleasant or relaxing experience. But I am extremely proud of my service to my country, and I can’t help but think of the many great men and women I served with when teaching a class.
  2. The Endorphins. It may not be especially enjoyable when you’re going through the class, but the aftermath is always worth it. Nothing beats that peaceful, easy feeling of the post-workout high. No one ever regrets a great workout!
  3. Helping Others Physically. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people’s physical fitness improve over the course of my classes. I’ve always had a passion for exercise, and I absolutely love helping others experience its benefits.
  4. Helping Others Spiritually. My faith is incredibly important to me, and my boot camp classes have a spiritual component to them. Taking a few moments to share in and learn about the faith journeys of others is a real joy.
  5. Getting Away From it All. Our jobs and our lives are demanding. Escaping the real world for a bit and concentrating on our physical wellbeing is a great stress reliever.
  6. Making New Friends. I love meeting people and getting to know them through my classes. So while I want to challenge them physically, I also don’t want to make the classes I teach so tough that people don’t come back!
  7. Makes Me Better at My Job. Leading boot camp classes has given me a world of confidence and allowed me the chance to flex and develop my leadership skills. And that has made me a better onsite technician.
  8. It’s Challenging. Not only are the classes physically demanding, but making sure I keep them interesting for the participants is a challenge as well. I love coming up with new workouts that keep my students engaged.
  9. It’s Fun. Simple as that.
  10. The Muscles. I’m not going to lie: feeling and looking strong is a nice result of teaching boot camp classes.

Jeff Albritton, Maintenance Tech, Equity Residential - Alexandria, VA.