10 Things About Student and Multifamily Communities

3 minute read

1. Mission-inspired programs

Giving people a purpose and the opportunity to serve others helps build stronger communities and brands. Mission-inspired programs give back to the surrounding community by creating opportunities for residents to volunteer and help others in a variety of ways. Studies show that consumers feel a stronger connection and are more loyal to companies that take a position or act on major issues, and less to those who choose to lay low. With Millennials driving support for companies with values-based branding, this trend is not going away any time soon.

2. Purpose-driven amenities

Recreational areas, health and wellness spaces and other lifestyle amenities that help improve residents’ overall quality of life are increasingly important to student and other apartment communities. Communities must go beyond the basics to create unique experiences across the board so that spaces feel welcoming and inclusive.

3. Free fitness classes

People today are more fitness conscious than ever before, but flexible on how, where and when they work out. Whether virtual or in person, free fitness classes can offer real value to health-conscious residents. Add some softer options like meditation, stress management and other holistic wellness practices, and you’ll be in tune with current fitness industry trends.

4. Food/restaurants in the community

People want to be able to enjoy local food and flavor without having to get out of their pajamas or cozy clothes. Running to the community restaurant or food court for a meal (with lots of healthy eating options) or just getting coffee is convenient and enhances the feeling of being at home.

5. Co-working spaces/study lounges

Quiet spaces for residents to gather for study or work are always in demand. Be sure to offer the latest technologies to help streamline and enhance the experience. Think computers, printers, power and free Wi-Fi.

6. Creative outdoor spaces

Though these are especially important for city dwellers, people everywhere want to be able to experience the outdoors within their community. This can mean rooftop gardens, lounges, pools, game rooms and fitness areas for high-rise buildings, and ground-level spaces for smaller communities. Don’t forget options for pets like a dog park or a dedicated off-leash area.

7. Additional security

Some communities have technologies like 24-hour security to help keep residents safe. Others may include in-home alarm systems and additional technologies to enhance residents’ peace of mind.

8. Food pop-ups

Community members appreciate having access to quick and easy meals during their busy week. Pop-up food shops, food trucks and regular catered events not only help ensure everyone is fed, but also promote a greater sense of community and fun!

9. Resident discount cards

Residents love being able to get great deals at restaurants and shops in the surrounding community. Discount cards not only help residents save money, but also stimulate local business growth and awareness.

10. Private luxury shuttles

These are an especially convenient option when the school or downtown area is not within walking distance or there’s a lack of suitable public transportation options overall. Residents will appreciate the car-free convenience and peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated service provided by people they know and trust.