10 Memorable Things We Heard During Apartmentalize Keynotes

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  1. From a blind ultra-adventurer to the winner of the acting triple crown, there were no shortage of great quotes spoken during Apartmentalize 2021 in Chicago.
  2. “Failing, doing a bad job. That’s how you learn.” --Viola Davis
  3.  “People who are leaders have to be willing to crash through the plate of glass first.” –Viola Davis
  4. “The days of letting our work do the talking for us are over.” --Brian Fanzo
  5. “People solve people problems, not technology.” --Brian Fanzo
  6. “No matter where you go, no matter what you do, every day of your life, live it like you couldn’t do it one fingernail better.” --Diana Nyad
  7. “Complexity is the enemy of meaningful work.” --Lisa Bodell
  8. “My motivation is significance. I don’t live for success or the yes. You have to live for something else. Bigger than fame or money or what society tells you. I live to make my life meaningful and that doesn't always have to do with a job.” --Viola Davis
  9. “These barriers in life will knock you down and will be filled with struggle… I know you might be thinking this is the worst motivational speaker ever but I’m here to tell the truths of both sides.” --Erik Weihenmayer
  10. “What’s within us is stronger than what’s in our way.” –Viola Davis
  11. “Culture is the work we do every day. If you get the work right, you’re going to do the culture right.” --Lisa Bodell