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Identity Thieves Target College Students

Target College Students

Digested from “College students find they are targets of ID thieves and scammers” in Detroit Free Press (9/7/16) by Tompor, Susan

College students are prime targets for identity thieves, and students often don’t know they’ve been scammed.

In one common scheme, identity thieves will contact students and pretend to be from the college admissions office. They tell students they will be kicked out of classes unless a payment is made immediately.

Also, students who work on campus might receive an email asking them to verify their information by providing a college or university username and password. Hackers then use that information to change where the student worker’s paycheck is direct-deposited.

In addition, scammers send college students fake credit card applications. When students fill out the applications, they’ve unwittingly handed over their Social Security numbers and other personal information that is then used to run up debt in their names.

With many of these scams, students don’t know they’ve been victimized until they undergo a credit check to rent off-campus housing or get a car loan.

Experts advise students who are 18 and older to get a free credit report every year from

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